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Our Philosophy


At Atlanta Energy Concepts, our philosophy has always been to take the view that our customers are like us. We don’t like being “sold” to-but we love buying! When we find something we like, we want to learn more about it, without being put under pressure. And we appreciate someone knowledgeable telling us what we want to know.


As the owner, I recognize how important it is to stand out among the competition and to gain your trust in the expertise, value and reliability of my company. We are very different than our competitors in the replacement window, siding and seamless gutter business. Our goal is to educate you. You are not going to get a high-pressured sales pitch. You will get honest, expert advice and knowledge to assist you in determining the best type of exterior products that are well suited to meet your needs and the needs of your home.


The choice you make in windows, siding and seamless gutters is one of the most important investment decisions you will ever make for your home. Your specialist from Atlanta Energy Concepts will quickly put you at ease and educate you on our products and how you can benefit from them. You will find the interaction interesting and enjoyable as you start to realize how your home will improve in appearance, value and most importantly, in your reduced monthly bills from your power and gas companies!


We pride ourselves on the finest quality energy efficient products. We are so confident that we guarantee our windows and siding with a fuel savings pledge of 40% reduced monthly energy costs.None of our competitors offer a guarantee like this!


Our knowledge and products in this industry has helped save our customers thousands of dollars over the years. In fact, statistically we have seen these savings alone pay for the products. Let us help YOU realize these savings as well.


Please consider Atlanta Energy Concepts a partner in creating yourenergy efficient home. We enjoy helping our customers do something we all love to do—buy a worthwhile product with tremendous value. In our commitment to educate you, please utilize this detailed list of the most important questions to consider when choosing the right company with whom to give your business. Compare these items to the experience you have with our company; this puts you in complete control BEFORE you purchase your replacement windows, siding or gutters for your home.


Items to Consider

Watch out for long drawn out presentations with frequent offers to drop the price. Estimates for windows and siding should not take more than 30 minutes of your time. Watch out for companies that make it mandatory for all decision makers be present at the initial estimate consultation. They would like this so they can easily “high pressure” you and your spouse.



  • Do they show up to your home on time?
  • Are they licensed, bonded and insured?
  • What experience do they have?
  • What is their experience with this particular project?
  • Are they making cheap shots on there competition to make them sound more qualified?
  • How many projects do they do a year? (If the answer is only a few, they may be a hobbyist or may not work well in tight time frames.)
  • When can they start?
  • Who is responsible for the building permits? Some counties in Atlanta require the homeowner to apply for a permit. If so, we take care of this for you.
  • Do they advertise with a deceptive ‘one price’ guarantee, and then drop the price even lower to get your business?
  • How long do they estimate the project will take?
  • Do they guarantee their work? (What happens if something does not look right, breaks or fails?)
  • Will they be subcontracting any of the work? (Some remodeling contractors will subcontract work to others. Make sure your contract includes lien waivers and who is responsible for paying these workers.)
  • Ask to have the names and numbers of at least three previous satisfied customers. (You want at least three names so they do not just give you names of friends and family.)
  • Do they have any pictures of their work you can look at?
  • Do they carry their own workmen’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance? (Make sure the remodeling contractor is protected in the event he or she gets hurt, or ruins your home.)
  • Do they guarantee completion times? (Some contractors will offer a discount if the project is not completed by a certain date.)
  • How will they manage their work area?
  • How long is your bid good for?



When the potential contractor enters your home, take into consideration their appearance and the way they respect your home. If the person tracks in mud, that can be an accurate first impression of how he or she will work in your home.



  • Do not let a contractor start on your home without a signed contract. The contract spells out the terms the two of you have agreed on and can also protect you in the event the contractor does not do the work as spelled out.
  • Put all agreements in writing, that way the details and communication are in print form.
  • Only sign the contract after it is complete. If you handwrite any changes, make sure both of you initial them in agreement.
  • Outline all financial terms, including your negotiated price and payment plans. Include how many days you have after completion of the project to pay any remainder of the balance.
  • Include who is responsible for paying for materials.
  • Make sure there is a section about what is to happen if extra work is deemed necessary, or if additional materials are required.
  • Put in place a cancellation clause you both feel is fair. For example, give yourself three days after signing the contract to cancel.
  • Specify all materials, labor, and colors to be used in the project.
  • If the contractor offers any warranties or discounts, get it in writing.
  • Include start and finish dates.


Down Payment

Some home improvement contractors require a down payment. However, our company DOES NOT require a cash down payment. A completed applicationfor credit qualifying loan is necessary. You can pay us when you are completely 100% satisfied. WARNING: Do not be too trusting with your money. If the contractor is already paid, they may forget to show up for the job. WARNING: Do not be too trusting with your money. If the contractor is already paid, they may forget to show up for the job. A completed application for qualifying credit is necessary.

Once you find a contractor you like and trust, Congratulations! Because you can now use them for future remodeling jobs as well. This is how my company has been extremely successful in receiving referrals and in satisfying the needs of thousands of our clients over the years without ever logging a single complaint with the Better Business Bureau.


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