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Atlanta Energy Concepts, Inc. also provides replacementsiding for your home. If your siding is looking old and ragged, don’t shell out thousands of dollar to have it painted. We can replace your homes siding with beautiful lifetime warrantied vinyl, wood or cement siding in the color you want.Be sure to ask us about our Prodigy siding product or cement fiber made by James Hardie called HardiPlank siding. Both are designed for superior resistance and it holds up better under hot or cold conditions without warping. It will even hold up to gale force winds up to 190MPH++, too! For siding you can install and forget about (even ignore) for a lifetime, you
might want to consider our Prodigy GELOY® brand siding. It resists common nicks and everyday wear and tear. It’s made with a high-performance resin which enhancesit’s color retention which means no painting, absolutely NEVER. For more details on our siding products call Atlanta Energy Concepts or click here,Our reputation is a direct result of the products we sell and your satisfaction. Quality products, good investment, great value…that’s why you should choose Atlanta EnergyConcepts, Inc.!

About Prodigy

Atlanta's Best Siding Installed
Prodigy is made by our manufacture Alside and Installed and serviced exclusely by Atlanta Energy Concepts, Inc. It has a premium 1-1/2″ thick insulation and delivers exceptional R-value performance (resistance to heat flow) that can help you save money on utility costs and feel good in your home year-round. This finely milled cedargrain panel in OUR industry provide timeless curb appeal while its 16′ 8″ extended length design yields clean lines and modern style for an understated elegance. The Prodigy panel sold exclusively by Atlanta Energy Concepts offers high-performance insulation and is form-fit to adhere to the outer panel for enduring strength, with no tearing or rattling, even in extreme winds. While its rustic color palette and on-trend decorative trim and accessories help Prodigy stay true to its Next Generation roots.To learn more about what Prodigy can do to save energy in your home and increase the value, please contact an Atlanta Energy representative today at 404-537-1777 or click here.
Atlanta's Best Siding Installed
Added Rigidity
Our composite siding or HardiePlank is over 200% more rigid than standard siding due in part to its extended profile height. Added rigidity means siding hangs straighter, even concealing minor wall imperfections. It also helps prevent the distortion that can be caused by changing temperatures.

More Secure
Our composite siding and HardiePlank is designed for superior resistance to high wind conditions. A locking mechanism with more locking area than standard composite siding and a reinforced nail hem contribute to stable, secure attachment – certified by independant testing to withstand 190mph winds.

Color that Lasts, Value Unsurpassed

An exclusive compounding process and color
clear through formula provide outstanding durability and weatherability.
Scratches and nicks don’t show, and Prodigy, an engineered high-performance strong polymer,
enhances color retention and protects your home’s exterior from exposure
to weather and UV light. CLICK HERE for a detail color sample chart.
If you want cement fiber siding, choose – HardiPlank, Click Here.
Atlanta Energy offers Atlanta Customers the Best Siding for
protection on your most important Investment
….Your Home! Atlanta Energy offers you
installed siding with no down payment, no mess, no fuss, or aggravation.
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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits
1½” thick insulation* wraps your home in a thermal blanket of protection to help lower utility costs while providing a warm and cozy environment The secure interlocking panel design provides a tight fit and clean, crisp course lines Prodigy’s vinyl surface repels heavy rain while its insulating
layer breathes freely to keep your home comfortable 16’8″ extended panel length provides the look of natural wood and does not require face nailing or unsightly caulking

Our siding is backed by the Registered Medallion Lifetime Warranty which guarantees three VERY IMPORTANT items:

  1. Lifetime warranty on all materials and labor.
  2. If you sell the home the warranty can be transferred.
  3. All work is covered for a lifetime or as long as you own your home.
Our Process
Our Process

Our work on your home first starts with an inspection and replacement of all rotten or deteriorated wood.Next a layer of insulated underlayment board is applied to all the wall areas before siding is installed. The soffits or overhang areas are covered with solid and vented composite materials and extra holes are cut for added attic ventilation. All woodwork around windows, doors, gable vents, fascia, and frieze (pronounced ‘freeze’) boards are cover with special formed PVC coated aluminum…and finally our custom new composite siding is installed, your home will look as if it were just built, and it will keep looking that way for a lifetime.SIDE WITH THE BEST – Quality Products From a Name You Can Trust!


  • Prodigy composite

Our Prodigy composite is number one when it comes to exterior siding materials. It is even more popular than wood for new construction and remodeling an existing home.

  • Low Maintenance

Nothing beats our composite siding for endurance and long lasting looks. Our composite is virtually impervious to rain,cold, salt or snow that can deteriorate other sidings.

  • Durable

Nothing beats our composite siding for endurance and long lasting looks. Our composite is virtually impervious to rain, cold, salt or snow that can deteriorate other sidings.

Soffit and Fascia

Soffit and Fascia are the final decorative touches that create a fine, classic finish to your home or business. They cover all existing overhangs and roof edges to smooth the overall appearance of your new sleek home. Let Atlanta Energy Concepts composite Trim Systems Process your “Fascia and Soffit”today! See are easy 8 step process! Give your
home the perfect finish! Just see for yourself. Click Here

TAKE A CLOSE LOOK at just a few of the dramatic changes that take place with our composite siding. Atlanta Energy Concepts is glad to give you some addresses and names of siding jobs already completed so you may drive by and see for yourself that our state of the art composite siding from Atlanta Energy Concepts really is a wise investment. We’ll make sure you enjoy the process and adore your new siding!Also at Atlanta Energy Concepts, we offer honest and timely assistance with any and all of our client’s siding needs. We walk you through the replacement of siding process from start to finish. We provide a fully lifetime workmanship and materials warranty using only the highest quality of those materials applied by skilled and experienced installers. We also provide help and understanding with any siding insurance claims related to storm or fire damage. We can even handle the whole process for you. Due to our repeated high quality performance, we were asked long ago to be participants in a very exclusive preferred vendor’s list program for two major insurance carriers.

ATTENTION HOMEOWNERS:We are here to serve and not charge you a penny (NO DOWN PAYMENTS) until we are completed with your project and you are 100% satisfied!